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  • Holy Yoga By Cealia Athanason

    Holy Yoga By Cealia Athanason

    Heading into the last few weeks of Holy Yoga training, I’m still wrapping my head around the concept. The modality of yoga is one that easily leads us into something more. Through practicing yoga, our sense of self-awareness inevitably deepens. We notice which positions and …

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  • Finding Rest by Cealia Athanason

    Finding Rest by Cealia Athanason

    Life has a way of creeping up on us, doesn’t it? All of a sudden our weekly schedules, commitments and must-dos are more than we would like to handle. I’m in the middle of Holy Yoga training, and the concept of living and acting with …

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  • Detox by Ashlee Seek

    Detox by Ashlee Seek

    It’s a toxic world! Every day we eat, breathe and absorb toxins from the world in which we exist both internally and externally. Unfortunately, these toxins can severely affect our overall health and wellness. Even when we eat well and exercise regularly the fact of …

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