What We Believe

Our mission is to renew minds, reclaim lives, and restore relationships through pastoral counseling and education.

What We Believe:

  1. GOD is a person, infinitely wise, just, good, true, and powerful, the ultimate reality, exclusively deserving religious worship and unquestioning obedience, who made the world out of nothing.
  2. MAN, made in the image of God, willfully disobeyed God’s command, and thereby became worthy of death. From that time on, all human beings save Jesus Christ have been guilty of sin before God.
  3. JESUS CHRIST, the eternal Son of God, became man. He was (literally, really) born of a virgin. He worked miracles. He fulfilled prophecy. He suffered and died for our sin, bearing its guilt and penalty. He was raised physically from the dead. He will come again (literally, physically) to gather his people and to judge the world.
  4. SALVATION from sin comes to us not by our good works, but by receiving the free gift of God by faith. Saving faith receives the sacrifice of Christ as our sacrifice, as our only basis for fellowship with God. And such saving faith inevitably motivates us to obedience.
  5. SCRIPTURE is the word of God, which makes us wise unto salvation.
  6. PRAYER is not mere meditation or self-improvement, but a genuine conversation with our creator and redeemer. In prayer we praise God, give thanks, ask forgiveness, and make requests, which bring concrete changes in the world.

Our Mission:

To renew minds, reclaim lives, and restore relationships through pastoral counseling and education.

Our Vision:

To be recognized as Marion County’s principal faith-based/pastoral counseling and community outreach service.

Our Core Values:

  • God’s Way
  • Family Centered
  • Community Minded
  • Cultivating Lives

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